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  Dylia y Beto Villafañe
Greetings from Utuado
Puerto Rico
Utuado, our hometown, is located in the
center of the Island of Puerto Rico.
We are south of Arecibo and north
of Ponce.
The Island of Puerto Rico, also known
as "The Enchanted Island" is located
in the Caribbean Sea.
We want to share the happiness of our
family, our country and our home
with you.
Our webpages include photos of our
family, our town Utuado, our home
and also about our hobbies;
ham radio and computers.
We appreciate your visit and consider
it an honor. Please leave us your
comments and your e-mail or webpage
address and it will be a pleasure to
answer your mail and visit your sites.
Please feel at home...
Beto and Dylia

"Con la Patria no tengo más que deber"
Desde Utuado
Desde Puerto Rico transmite...KP4AE
Para Todo
El Mundo
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Please remember to visit our
"Very Special Sites":
Nuestro Hogar
Fotos del Utuado de Hoy
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